Luna BOB with CAC and CACIB and Crufts qualified for 2022. Photo Torben Blach.

 luna bir

luna bir move



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Back home from the SKC show called MyDog in Gothenburg, we showed Nico and Luna and they made us so proud. Yesterday Nico was placed EXC2 with cq in junior class and the same for Luna, judges Tiina Taulos (junior bitches) and Nenne Runsten. Today Nico was placed EXC2 with cq and reserv-CAC and Luna won a huge junior class with cq and best bitch 4 with reserv-CAC and best junior judges Knut Sigurd Wihlberg (junior males) and Bertil Lundgren, we didn't stay for the BIS-junior final. This show was qualifying for Crufts 2021 and Luna got her ticket.

 mydog 2824


 Bellzelius Firecracker, 10 weeks in the photos.

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figge 10v 2366

figge 10v 2369 

We're happy to introduce Bellzelius "F-litter", by Esedra Positano out of Adagio Wotalotigot. This Friday (04/10) Cozy gave birth to six male and one female

IMG 0926



Luna was Exc1 with ck and junior CAC,second best bitch with CAC and to top it off she went all the way to BIS junior. Judge Mikael Nilsson
BIS judge Jocelyn M Gagne from Canada

bellzelius 8362

bellzelius 8405


Luna best bitch, BIS Junior and BEST IN SHOW! Judge: Anna-Karin Widen, Fornix whippets.


Photo Ulf Johansson


Luna second best bitch out of 40 with CAC and BIS junior. Judge Dr Jerry Klein USA.

munka ljungby 7992 

munkaljungby bisjunior
photo Dan G W Hansson

SKC nat show, Luna Exc1 with CK and best bitch 4 with reserv-CAC, judge Ann-Christin Johansson Sweden.




SKC nat show in Ronneby, Nico best puppy, judge Tom Hehir, Ireland.

Photo Richard Nörrelökke

Swedish sighthound club ch show in Strömsholm, Luna best puppy and BIS-2 puppy, judges Helen Wayman (Scarlettfair, UK) breed and Erin Brown (Australia) BIS.

luna strömsholm 5903

luna strömsholm 6156 copy 



Strömsholm Luna BOB/BIS puppy Judge Joanne Boudreault Kennel Forgetmenot Canada

luna strömsholm 5653 



SKK Tvååker Luna BOB puppy and BIS 3 puppy, judges Tim Finney (Ireland) breed and Gunilla Skallman (Sweden) BIS.

galleri 4047

luna 4098

Deep Impact for Bellzelius was Exc1 with CK and best bitch 4 with reserve-CAC, judge Arnaldo Cotugno (Sobresalto, Italy).

galleri 4364



Luna BOB puppy and NIco BOS puppy. Luna ended the day as BIS puppy Judge Bart Scheerens  Kennel Boxing Helena, Belgium.

bellzelius 2



Stella (Bellzelius You Are The One) surprised us by winning BOB, BIG-1 and BIS, judges Roberto Posa and Anna Friberg.

bellzelius 3424


Greta (Bellzelius Ruby De La Reina) BIS-2 puppy with owner Lina Nowak and judge Roberto Posa.

bellzelius 3415


Cozy (Adagio Wotalotigot) won open class with CK and ended the day as second best bitch with CAC

bellzelius 2945


We had a great day in Hässleholm at SvVK.s Ch show judged by Roberto Posa (CH), Luna (Bellzelius Luna De La Reina) won BIS baby (judge Darko Petreski),

bellzelius 2971


This boy continues to make us proud. In Italy at the sighthound specialty in Padenghe he won best baby and BIS-2 baby. Breed judge Patsy Gilmour (Courthill) GB and BIS judge Csilla Juhasz H.

nico 2410


Nico ( Bellzelius Nico Del Rey ) won best baby and later  BIS Puppy in Show,Luna (Luna Del La Reina ) was best baby bitch

galleri 1011


Luna 3 months old.

luna 13w 9303


Nico 3 months old.

nico 13w 9213


vilgot flyttar 7596
Vilgots new owner.

peppe flyttar 7567
Pepe with his new owner.

Greta 7555
Greta with part of her new family.



jul 5995

We’re happy to announce that Cozy have  whelp 19 nov ? 5  puppies 3 boys 2 girls.


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Deep Impact X Bellzelius "Impa" won a huge Open class end end up with R-cac

impa 5331

E litter 1

Stella 8 months

stella 3457 8m

Stella BIS 2 Baby Greyhound klubben Laröd

stella 9831 Laröd

Alf 13 weeks old.

13 v 7281 alf

Stella 13 weeks old.

13 v 7326 13v stella

Danish Sighthound Club Ch Show in Köge, judge Carsten Birk (DK).
Impa won intermediate class with CK, she was shortlisted in the best bitch competition.

IMG 0429 impa
Photo Jessica Bolander


  Bellzelius Found Heaven "Alf" 11week

11 v 6841 alf


  Bellzelius You Are The One "Stella" 11week

11 v 6748


 Good luck with Bellzelius Rule The World "Sheldon"

sheldon 5860

Deep Impact X Bellzelius "Impa"

Leipzig (DE) WDS intermediate class winner.

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Breeder Giulia Capri
Owner Per Azelius/Morgan Slätt

 "Impa" Deep Impact X Bellzelius 1 year old.

12m 980A2881

12m 980A2816



Hässleholm SvVK 2017-05-20 Judge : Wayman Helen
 "Impa" Deep Impact X Bellzelius was placed 1 with exc and CK BOS in junior class.

impa 980A3354





 2017-02-11 Danish Kenneclub Fredricia Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 2 CK Junior class judge:Kim Vigsö Nilsen

 2017-03-18 Myndeklubben Köge  Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 2 Ck Junior class judge:Thomaz Kuszyk

2017-03-19 Malmö Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 3 Junior class judge:Uppström Annica

2017-04-30 Hässleholm Deep Impact X Bellzelius VG Junior class judge:Åge Gjetnes

 2017-05-21 Hässleholm Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 2 Junior class judge:Runsten Nenne

 2017-05-20 Hässleholm Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 1 Ck Junior class BOS judge:Wyman Helen

2017-05-27 Myndeklubben Vejen Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc 4 Junior class judge:Kresten Scheel

2017-05-28 Myndeklubben Vejen Deep Impact X Bellzelius Exc  Junior class judge:Birte Scheel





 "Impa" Deep Impact X Bellzelius 

impa 980A0804

 "Cozy"Adagio Wotalotigot 

cozy 980A0806

 "Nova" Libriums's Perfect Portrait 

nova 980A0858

"Diva" She's Madonna

diva 980A0883

.Fredericia IDS,judge Kim Vigse Nielsen
 "Impa" Deep Impact X Bellzelius was placed 2 with exc and CK in junior class.

impa 980A0515 2

 "Cozy"Adagio Wotalotigot was placed 2 with exc and CK in Intermediate class.

cozy 980A0563

 "Nova" Libriums's Perfect Portrait was  placed 3 with exc and CK in open class and 4 best female.

nova 980A0574

My Dog in Gothenburg,judge Hans Almgren.
"Nova" Libruims Perfect Potrait was placed 3.rd with exc and CK in a large open class.

nova 980A9526


My Dog in Gothenburg,judge Hans Almgren.
Impa(Deep Impact X Bellzelius) won Best Puppy.Did not participate in the puppy BIS.

impa 980A9362


Deep Impact X Bellzelius almost 7 months old

7 m 980A8389

7 m 980A8404 

Star for today was Adagio Wotalotigot "Cozy", she won a big junior class w club CAC and ended up as best bitch 2 w reserve CAC


Librium's Perfect Portrait "Nova" was shortlisted in a huge open class


Deep Impact X Bellzelius Impa" was 3 best puppy



Impa 6 months

6m 980A7755 

Nova have her Birthday today, 3 years old.



Todays training.

0710 980A7561

0710 980A7569 

Today we went to a sighthound club show and Impa did us all very proud, she won best minor puppy, judge Marie Gadolin (Hound's), and ended the day as BIS-3 minor puppy, judge Roberto Forsoni Italy!
Impa is officially known as Deep Impact for Bellzelius and is bred by Giulia Capri in Italy, thank you Giulia for this little jewel, she's more than we ever could ask for!

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nova sat 980A2113
Nova EXC-2 in open class 

cozy sat 980A2039
Cozy EXC-3 in junior class