K-litter, born 29/3 2023, 2 males and 5 bitches
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Adagio Olive Drab x Bellzelius For Your Eyes Only
Bellzelius King Creole
Bellzelius King Legacy
Bellzelius Keen As Mustard
Bellzelius Keep On Truckin'
Bellzelius Kick Your Heels
Bellzelius Knockout
Bellzelius Know My Name 

J-litter, born 9/9 2022, 4 males and 1 bitch
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Esedra Nearcos x Bellzelius Wotalotigot
Bellzelius Joy For Life
Bellzelius Joystick
Bellzelius Jump For Joy
Bellzelius Joybox
Bellzelius Joyride

I-litter, born 14/4 2022, 6 males and 2 bitches
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Shiny Sensation's Two Weeks Notice x Bellzelius Luna De La Reina
Bellzelius Icebreaker
Bellzelius Iconic
Bellzelius Incognito
Bellzelius Independent Love
Bellzelius Instant Access
Bellzelius Iron Man
Bellzelius Icy Spicy
Bellzelius Itzy Bitzy

H-litter, born 22/03 2021, 4 males and 1 bitch
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Bellzelius Nico Del Rey x Bellzelius You Are The One
Bellzelius Heartbreaker
Bellzelius Hidden Assets
Bellzelius High Five
Bellzelius Hold The Line
Bellzelius Hot Stuff

G-litter, born 01/12 2020, 2 males and 6 bitches
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Bellzelius Nico Del Rey x Deep Impact X Bellzelius
Bellzelius Goodtime Charley
Bellzelius Grand Slam
Bellzelius Gentle Touch
Bellzelius Girl Next Door
Bellzelius Give Me Love
Bellzelius Good Vibration
Bellzelius Gossip Girl
Bellzelius Graphic Design

F-litter, born 04/10 2019, 6 males and 1 bitch
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Esedra Positano x Adagio Wotalotigot 
Bellzelius Firecracker
Bellzelius Famoso Panda
Bellzelius Funmaker 
Bellzelius Fast And Furious
Bellzelius Fortune Cookie
Bellzelius Fire Of Desire
Bellzelius For Your Eye Only

E-litter, born 19/11 2018, 3 males and 2 bitches
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C.I.B ITCH Esedra El Rey x Adagio Wotalotigot 
Bellzelius Enzo Del Rey
Bellzelius Nico Del Rey
Bellzelius Pepe Del Rey 
Bellzelius Ruby De La Reina
Bellzelius Luna De La Reina

D-litter, born 03/1 2018, 3 males and 1 bitch
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FI USH SE UCH Adagio Summer Burst x SE UCH Librium's Perfect Portrait
Bellzelius Could It Be Magic
Bellzelius Found Heaven
Bellzelius Rule The World
Bellzelius You Are The One

C-litter, born 15/4 2014, 2 males and 1 bitch
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C.I.B EE Ch FI Ch SE Ch Kaden Tikras Biciulis x Bellzelius Absolute Fabulous
Bellzelius Crouching Tiger
Bellzelius Chill Out
Bellzelius Chattanooga Choo Choo

B-litter, born 4/12 2011, 2 males and 3 bitches
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SE Ch HU Ch LT Ch JWW-08 Multatuli On The Top x SE Ch Tinkerbell Di Kristianden
Bellzelius Braveheart
Bellzelius Born This Way
Bellzelius Besserwisser
Bellzelius Blind Date
Bellzelius Bless You

A-litter, born 20/2 2009, 2 males and 1 bitch
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C.I.B BY Ch RU Ch UA Ch Dusha Moya Daemon x SE Ch Tinkerbell Di Kristianden
SE VCh Bellzelius Amore Il Capitano
Bellzelius Artu
Bellzelius Absolute Fabulous